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Free gift for you. Improve your sleep!

FREE GIFT!!!!! See the details below! Because so much happens while we sleep, the results of not getting enough can be far-reaching. We don’t just feel tired, we are also at a higher risk of: - Mental health conditions. Almost every mental health condition can be impacted by not getting enough sleep. - Weight gain and other metabolic concerns. Sleep regulates the hormones that control appetite, including leptin and ghrelin and issing out on sleep can lead to weight gain, metabolic syndrome, and Type 2 diabetes. - Weakened immunity. You’re more likely to get sick since you produce infection-fighting cytokines and other antibodies while you sleep. - Heart problems. Several factors influencing heart health, including cortisol levels and blood pressure, are impacted by sleep. - Physical accidents. You’re less focused when you are tired, and that impacts your risk of a car accident in a way similar to drinking alcohol. PSSS! I have a gift for you, a Sleep Hygiene Handout. To claim your free gift, please pm me your email address. Please stay healthy and well!

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