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Fee Schedule

  • 15-Minute Consultation-Free

  • 60-Minute Intake Visit and Action-$400

  • 60-Minute Reporting of Finding Visit-$400

 90-Minute Report of Finding Visit-$575

  • 60-Minute Nutrition Plan Discussion-$400

  • 60-Minute Initial Follow Up Visit-$400

  • 60-Minute Second Follow Up Visit-$400

  • 60-Minute Final Follow Up Visist-$400

  • Package Deal - $2,000 - Purchase All 6 Visits and Receive Final Visit Free! (Save $400) 

Please note that all payments should be made before the visit (at the time of scheduling). Insurances typically do not cover functional medicine visits, however, we may provide a superbill and have you submit it for possible reimbursement. Your insurance may cover the lab work depending on the coverage. Many patients are able to use their HSA/FSA plans as well.

We are always very mindful and respectful of costs, therefore, we are very careful in choosing lab work and creating a care plan.

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