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Mood swings?

Beta-glucuronidase, an enzyme crucial for detoxifying hormones and toxins, can lead to hormone imbalances, particularly estrogen dominance when levels are too high. Symptoms of estrogen dominance in women can look like irregular menstrual cycles, PMS, mood swings, weight gain (especially around the hips and thighs), fatigue, and decreased libido.

Several factors can lead to high beta-glucuronidase levels, with poor gut and liver health being one of the most significant. Factors like antibiotic use, a high-sugar diet, and chronic stress can negatively impact gut health, promoting the overgrowth of harmful bacteria that can increase beta-glucuronidase activity.

To manage this, it's important to focus on a high-fiber diet, maintain a healthy gut microbiome, limit toxin exposure, and support liver detoxification. These steps can help regulate beta-glucuronidase levels, promoting better hormone and overall health.

If you're experiencing symptoms of estrogen dominance, consider working with me to develop a personalized plan for balancing your hormones and improving your gut health.

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