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Understanding the Importance of Seeing a Gut Health Professional

Many Americans aren't aware of how many problems they can prevent by focusing on a healthy gut. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 35 million people who visited the doctor in 2019 were diagnosed with digestive system issues. So there are a few reasons why you're seeing more advertising for yogurt and other probiotic products. Here are reasons why gut health and understanding it is important.

Early Detection

The best way to cure gastrointestinal problems and prevent related cancers is by early detection. In addition to indigestion and gas, you may also experience bloating, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, as well as pain in the area. Don't dismiss these symptoms as something you must deal with because you ate something bad. A timely visit to a gut health professional can help diagnose problems such as colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and colon cancer.

Improve Health

When you have problems in your gastrointestinal system, it can affect your overall quality of life. Some tiny bacteria and fungi live in your gut and help you digest food and fight off pathogens that lead to illness. It can be hard to get proper sleep if you constantly have an upset stomach. According to the Sleep Foundation, adults need about seven to nine hours of restful sleep to remain healthy. So help your immune system, sleep patterns, metabolism, and overall mood when your gut is in order.

Better Nutrition

You enjoy the taste of food as you chomp down on that burger, salad, or green smoothie. However, eating food isn't just about enjoying the taste. Its main purpose is to provide the nutrients you need to survive. When your gut isn't operating at a functional rate, it may not metabolize your food properly. A healthy gut has bacteria that can break down food and help you absorb the vitamins and minerals you need.

Diet Guidance

You may be unaware the diet you're following is causing you more harm than good. Luckily, a gut health professional can advise you on a healthy diet. This diet plan includes lots of plants, fermented food like kimchi, and fiber-rich items like apples.

It’s natural for humans to have gas or indigestion at times, but it shouldn't be a constant thing. If you think you're having gastrointestinal issues, don't hesitate to seek a professional today. Make an appointment with Telehealth Core, so we can ensure your gut remains healthy for years to come.

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