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Sugar and sweeteners. What do you need to know!

There's no way to sugar coat it - pun intended - but sugar and artificial sweeteners may cause gut dysbiosis (an imbalance in your gut microbiome). Studies have shown that our standard Western diet high in sugar and processed foods, negatively affects the gut microbiome. This can affect the efficiency of how well we digest and absorb nutrients fro food and even alter our mood! Research has also indicated that artificial sweeteners can negatively impact blood glucose levels due to their effects on our good gut microbes. This means that artificial sweeteners may increase blood sugar despite not actually being a sugar. Consume sugar and sweeteners in moderation, opt for quality over quantity and try natural sugars/sweeteners like maple syrup, honey or monk fruit instead. #digestion #IBS #sugar #sweetener #dysbiosis #artificialsweetener #diet #bloodsugar #microbiome #healthy #bowel #newyork #newjersey #moodswings

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