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Medications side effects. What can you do?

For some people, prescription medications are an important part of maintaining health. However, many come with the unwanted side effect of depleting your body of key nutrients.

Our bodies require sufficient vitamins and minerals to function properly– these micronutrients support healthy cell growth, immunity, and metabolism. However, many North Americans don’t eat a balanced enough diet and the nutritional quality of our food is diminishing.

The unfortunate news is that certain prescription medications can exacerbate this nutrient deficiency even further. Over time, nutrient deficiencies can cause unwanted symptoms, such as fatigue, brain fog and poor sleep. You may even develop another underlying condition caused by nutrient deficiency, resulting in more doctor’s visits than you’d probably like!

Thankfully, there are practical steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of nutrient depletion from prescription medications.

Stay tuned and look for my blog on that topic in the next post.

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