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How to avoid stress during holidays

A study commissioned by the National Mental Health Association identified some of the top stressors of the holiday season as: Lack of time: 69% of women and 63% of men Lack of money: 69% of women and 55% of men Gift-giving pressure: 51% of women and 42% of men It’s important to realize that these pressures can be managed. The key is prioritization. Don’t be afraid to say no to events that won’t bring you joy. Avoid overcommitment so you can really appreciate the people and events that are most meaningful. Making a budget before the holiday season can help you stick to realistic spending habits. You don’t want to start the new year with the additional stress of debt. Keep in mind that studies have found that experiences are often more memorable gifts than things. Activities like offering to babysit for a stressed-out mother, going for a walk with a lonely senior, or cooking a fancy dinner at home can ultimately be more appreciated than breaking your budget. Stay tuned! You can learn more ways to enjoy healthy and stress free holidays in my next few blogs! As always, I wish for you to stay healthy and well. Sincerely, Natalie. #stress #holiday #Holidays #stressfree #stressfreeholidayseason #health #healthylifestyle #newyork #newjersey #holidayguide #statistics #budget #telemedicine #functionalmedicine #integrativemedicine

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