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Can gut health cause fatigue?

Since we get energy as food is digested, your gut health is essential to your energy level, and how ready you are to face the day. If you can’t break down food properly, you won’t receive vital essential nutrients. However, the role of your gut in fighting fatigue goes deeper than that.

Bacteria in the microbiome produce B vitamins, which are essential for energy. They also regulate the immune system, which is imperative for good energy.

The gut-brain axis also influences your sleep. It’s a two-way communication channel: your sleep influences the balance of bacteria, but bacteria also influences your circadian rhythms.

Low energy can also be a sign of leaky gut syndrome, which happens when the lining of the gut becomes too permeable, which allows unhealthy gut bacteria and inflammatory substances to leak into the bloodstream. People with leaky gut syndrome are at high risk for issues like Crohn’s and Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, conditions that lead to fatigue.

If you find yourself fatigued often and can't pinpoint the reason why - give us a call, we can help you get the proper testing you need!

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