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Boost your immunity

Although getting our vitamins and minerals through food is always preferred, there are certain nutrients our bodies could benefit from with a little boost - especially for those living in colder climates! These are the vitamins, minerals and nutrients to pay attention to this winter - B Vitamins help with energy production and support the immune system. A B Complex vitamin can ensure you get enough. - Vitamin C is an anti viral and antioxidant that helps protect your body from free radicals. It's beneficial to supplement with vitamin C especially in the winter months. - Studies have linked vitamin D with immune response, meaning a deficiency could lead to increased susceptibility to infection. Since the sun around a lot less in the winter months, supplementation can help give the body the vitamin D it needs. - Zinc is an essential mineral which helps the body’s immune system fight off viruses and bacteria Probiotics help support the beneficial gut bacteria in your microbiome which affects everything from digestion to immune health! Supplement with a quality probiotic, and be sure to switch up the strains from time to time. Supplementation is highly individual and it's recommended to work with a practitioner for proper dosage and recommendations - I can help! #newyork #newjersey #supplements #functionalmedicine #infectionprevention #Infection #viruses #immunesupport #immunity #vitamins #minerals #probiotics #nutrients #immunehealth

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