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Bloating. Part 3

Bloating can be the result of more than just what foods you consume. How you consume food can have an effect on digestion and absorption and subsequently cause bloating.

Eating large volumes of food in a short amount of time is almost sure to leave you feeling bloated. Your stomach becomes stretched, leading to the pooling of gasses and solids inside the gut.

Eating too quickly also can cause you to swallow too much air and is a possible cause of bloating.Furthermore, if the foods contain poorly digested carbs, your body will produce more gas.

Instead, focus on eating mindfully and enjoying every mouthful. Paying attention to our hunger and fullness cues is the first step in mindful eating. Slow down, place your fork down in between bites and chew thoroughly. Avoid eating whilst distracted such as scrolling on your phone or watching TV to prevent overeating.

If you experience frequent bloating, book 15-minute free consultation with us.

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