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Adverse effects of food senitivities

Despite their prevalence, many of us don’t realize we have a food intolerance. Instead, we assume the common symptoms, like bloating, fatigue and “brain fog,” are just normal results of our busy lives.

Simply put, when you have a food intolerance, your gut doesn’t produce the right enzymes to digest a certain food or group of food. As a result, you can experience wide range of symptoms like acid reflux, bloating and diarrhea, unexplained fatigue and brain fog, problems with rashes and skin redness, headaches and sinus issues.

These symptoms can appear shortly after eating the food, and shockingly as many as several days later!

If these are symptoms you are experiencing - speak with us to see how we can help you. Many patients tell us they are surprised by a remarkable improvement in their quality of life after identifying and eliminating dietary triggers.

Book 15-minutes free consultation. You can always call us too. We are always happy to help and to answer all your questions.

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