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I am physician assistant with over 20 years of experience in primary care, hematology and oncology working in premier NYC / NJ academic institutions, providing care to patients with a variety of medical problems. 


I am a Board Certified Physician Assistant with 20 years of experience in primary care, critical care, cardiology, and cardiac surgery.  In addition to clinical expertise, my Master’s Degree in Public Health plays a critical role in promotion of health, prevention of disease, and empowerment of individuals to manage illness and disability.


I am a Board Certified Physician Assistant with 20 years of clinical experience in Surgery, Primary Care, and Urology. In addition to clinical experience, I served as a Performance Improvement Specialist in the Department of Quality and Patient Safety at one of the most prominent NYC academic centers. 

How it Works
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How It Works

Virtual care (telehealth) combines in-office quality with in-home privacy and convenience.

With medical virtual care, you and your adult family members can easily connect with experienced medical professionals without leaving your home, work, or wherever you may be.


What is virtual care?

Virtual care (also known as telehealth, or telemedicine) is the use of technology to connect with a provider by video or phone using a computer or mobile device.


How does virtual care work?

You can connect with licensed medical providers online using a phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Connect with board-certified providers for more than 80 minor medical conditions.

  • Schedule online appointments

  • Schedule an appointment for a virtual wellness screening

  • Have lab work or radiologic test ordered at your local laboratory if needed

  • Have a prescription sent directly to your pharmacy, if appropriate.


The Benefits of Virtual Care

No waiting rooms
Get connected quickly. No more lost time in waiting rooms.

Avoid exposure to sick people.
Access care from just about anywhere via video or phone.

Patient Stories

"TeleHealth Core has provided me with excellent and efficient care.  I connected with my provider in under one hour.  I was satisfied with the entire experience.  

Leila, 26
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